You have answered Christ’s call to go. What an exciting time in your life, but what do you do next? How do you raise the support you need to survive on the mission field? What will you do when you get to the field? How will you handle the culture shock and challenges you will face? These questions and many others are the reason Macedonia Institute for World Evangelism was formed.

Macedonia Institute for World Evangelism exists to provide practical Biblical training that makes an eternal difference. Our two year course of study will help to prepare you for the challenges you will face on the mission field. Our instructors are men who have been there, not just men who have talked about being there. Many of these instructors have lived and worked on the mission field. Many of them are living there today. All are involved in missions and ministry today. These men will share their knowledge with you that will help you to be a success on the mission field, not a statistic.

Why Macedonia Institute for World Evangelism?
MIWE Is Affordable
Class fees are reasonably priced so that anyone desiring to enroll can afford to do so. This makes us an affordable option for anyone desiring to continue in their training.

MIWE Is Accessible
MIWE is a completely online video-based course of study. You can complete this study wherever you are, whether you are traveling on deputation or on the mission field.

MIWE Is Able
With a course of study that has been prayed over and prepared by missionaries with many years of experience on the mission field, MIWE is able to better prepare you to be a success on the field.


What degree or degrees are being offered?

Macedonia Institute for World Evangelism will offer a two-year diploma in World Evangelism.  A diploma is typically given after the completion of a field-specific course of study.  MIWE is not a college or university.  We will not be giving degrees.

What accreditation does the Institute have if any? And if so through whom?

It is not the intent of Macedonia Institute of World Evangelism to seek secular or religious accreditation for its program of training. We feel no need to subject our school, its curriculum, or its teachers to the standards of men, men who often are not of like faith and practice as us.  Our faculty has hundreds of years of practical experience for what they are training others to do, therefore we believe that experience speaks for itself.

Are matriculation fees covered in the registration fee?

Yes, all matriculation and registration fees are covered in the initial fee.  Fees for the courses are additional.

Are life credits (or lifetime learning credit) or ministry experience being offered towards the degree?

MIWE exists to offer basic training for world evangelism.  Typically, life experience is only offered for graduate degrees.

Are all the classes independent studies or are they required to be finished during the semester?

There will be a time limit to complete the classes.  We would expect every student to be diligent and complete the courses in a timely manner.

What are the prerequisite courses or degrees necessary for enrollment?

Although we believe a call to ministry is a call to prepare, the only required course of study would be a high school diploma or equivalent.

Why does the website have a .org address instead of a .edu if it is a recognized learning institute?

MIWE is a ministry of mwbm.org – which has a .org address. We are not a government recognized college or university and have no desire to be one.  We are more interested in training for a calling, not a career.

When will graduations be held and where?

Graduation Ceremonies will be held at the International Headquarters of Macedonia World Baptist Missions, Inc. in Hoschton, Georgia.

Is there an online calendar for events, deadlines, and special dates?

We will provide an online calendar for special events as needed. However, since we are a fully online institute, we will be quite different from a college campus that has many weekly activities.  We are designed so a person can remain active in their local church while training for the mission field.

Are there any scholarships or financial aid available?

Not at this time.  We have made the institute as affordable as possible so anyone can attend.

What are the credit hours per course? Is there price difference per course for Full-Time vs Part-Time students?

There is no price difference in full-time or part-time since MIWE charges by the course, not by the semester.

Each course is worth three hours credit. Since this is completely online, it has nothing to do with time in class (i.e. 50 minutes once week = 1 credit), but rather time spent in learning and homework.                                     

Will this degree or its courses be transferable to any other institutes or colleges if a decision is made to pursue other post-graduate degrees?

The question of transferring courses is never up to the school the classes are taken at. It is decided by the school you want to transfer to. A student who would want to continue to another college should check with that college before taking our classes.  Most four-year on campus colleges will probably not accept our credits, though some may. Our purpose is to train missionary laborers, not prepare people for further degrees.

Can tuition payments be made online?

Yes, all payments can and will be made online.

Are there any annual tax benefits that can be taken concerning tuition and other educational expenses?

A preacher (missionary) who has been ordained can take the cost of education off taxes if it is for the purpose of helping in his ministry work – which this would be.

Is there a time limit for completing a class?

The online institute is different from a traditional classroom.  In a traditional classroom, everyone starts at the same time.  With the online, people can start at any time, they may not necessarily start on the same day.  So the students will be staggered in their timelines.  A typical class is 15 weeks plus an exam, for a total of 16 weeks.  Each student will have 24 weeks to complete each class they are enrolled in.  If, after the 24 weeks, the class is not completed, the class will be closed and all payment will be forfeited.  The student will have to re-enroll in the class and pay any fees that correspond to that class in order to enroll in the class again.